HJ MANAGEMENT SERVICES is an established property management company, specialising in assisting Developers and trustees of Sectional Title complexes and Homeowner Associations with budgets, levies, admin and accounting. We also do the management of Commercial properties. We have many years of experience and are proud to offer our services to you.

As a result of the substantial growth realized in sectional title and security complexes within South Africa, a need developed for a professional management service to the Bodies Corporate of sectional title and Homeowners’ Association schemes. The existing availability of Managing Agents, their professionalism, level of service and their ability to expand, did not keep up with the fast trend of expansion of the property market in this sector. This often led to poor service received by Developers, Bodies Corporate and Homeowner Associations.

Whether you are a chairperson, a trustee, an owner or an investor, HJ MANAGEMENT SERVICES offers a complete solution to ensure that your property is well managed, ensuring your property reaches its full potential in terms of growth, standards and maintenance.

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